best fort worth texas suburbs for families


Whether you live in the states or live internationally, and looking for a new suburban lifestyle, Fort Worth, Texas is a great place to raise your family. It has many wonderful schools and offers plenty of job opportunities. This list includes the top Fort Worth neighborhoods to look at when you are looking for a home.

Fort Worth, Texas, is located west of Dallas and Arlington. It is the 13th largest city in the United States. Fort Worth suburbs can be great places to raise a family. We’ll be discussing the best Fort Worth areas to live in and highlighting several factors that you should think about. These factors include:

  • Cost of living
  • Safety and crime rates
  • Opportunities for education
  • Available jobs
  • Accessibility to larger communities


Granbury-Hood County offers a unique combination of historic attractions and modern shopping and other activities. Hood County is located around Lake Granbury and offers something for all ages. 

There are many options, including an opera house, excellent medical facilities and antique shopping in Historic Downtown Granbury. Texas Highways magazine voted this historic square the “best town square in Texas”. Lake Granbury is a great place to fish and enjoy various water sports, such as boating.

Hood County has seen a lot of growth over the past few years. There are many housing options to suit your needs. There are many options, from luxury waterfront properties to gated communities and apartments to gated communities. There are many housing options available for seniors in the area.

Granbury-Hood County places education at the top of its priorities. Granbury ISD and Lipan ISD are the three independent school districts that serve Hood County. Tolar ISD is also served. Granbury ISD is the largest district with 6,833 students in K-12. The Tolar District has 622 students, and Lipan has 285 students. All school districts have an acceptable rating.

There are three private schools in Granbury-Hood County: Cornerstone Christian Academy (K-8), Grace Classical Academy (K-12), Happy Hills Farm Academy(K-12) and Lake Granbury Montessori School Pre-K&K. There are many higher education opportunities at nearby universities and community colleges.

Granbury-Hood County is rich with Texas folklore and history. There are many stories and sites about John Wilkes Booth and Jesse James. Coming to view Granbury homes for sale or coming for a weekend, visitors will not be disappointed.

Granbury-Hood County has the best of both worlds, as you can see. We invite you to come and experience all that we have to share.


Keller is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Fort Worth. Keller is well-known for its mild winters and hot summers. It has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that connects the residents. It is close to Dallas and Fort Worth, making it easy to commute to the city whether you are there for work or pleasure.

Keller’s cost of living index is 129.5. It is more expensive than the national average but the suburb still has some of the best homes available. Keller has a moderately low crime rate compared to other areas of the US.

Keller Independent School District boasts over 30 public schools that cater to grades K-12. This school district serves more than 35,000 students and is widely considered one of the best in Texas.

Keller has many activities that you can enjoy. The Keller Pointe recreation center offers a great way to encourage family recreational activity. It has group exercise classes, an indoor track and can be rented for birthday parties.


We recommend Southlake for families who are moving to North Texas. It’s located just 25 minutes from Fort Worth and is one of the most up-and-coming communities. It’s also a vibrant economic hub, which makes it one of Texas’s most prosperous communities for industrial businesses.

Southlake’s cost of living index is at 164 compared to the national average. This makes it expensive for families with tight budgets. Southlake has low rates of violent crime, while theft and property crimes are moderately low.

Carroll Independent School District is made up of 11 schools. It has a zero percent drop out and 97% attendance rate. The district also consistently scores higher than the state and national averages in assessment scores.

Southlake Town Square is a great place to shop, eat, and take part in any of the annual events such as Art in the Square and Stars and Stripes.


Northlake is one of our favorite Fort Worth suburbs. It is a small town with approximately 4,000 residents, located in Denton County. Northlake is located only 27 miles from Fort Worth and 35 miles away from Arlington. It is also close to Alliance Airport and DFW International Airport.

The Northwest Independent School District has a 95% parent satisfaction rating. Children from Northlake attend this school district. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) awarded the district an accountability grade of A, which is the highest grade. Parents and children love Northwest ISD schools!

Northlake is a safe community with a low crime rate. There are many fun activities for the whole family. Two lakes are within 30 minutes of each other: Grapevine Lake and Lake Lewisville. Both lakes offer swimming, boating, fishing and camping. Arlington, Texas Rangers baseball team’s home, is also home to the Dallas Cowboys. There are many other attractions nearby including Six Flags and several theme parks. Horseback riding is also available near Northlake. Canyon Falls Park, a beautiful part of Roanoke, can be enjoyed by families.

Northlake’s cost of living index is 127.7, which is lower than the national average and is still moderate when compared to other cities on this list. Northlake is home to beautiful master-planned communities with new homes, such as Harvest by Hillwood or Pecan Square By Hillwood.


Argyle, which is conveniently located near Fort Worth, Dallas and Denton, is another contender in our list of the best Fort Worth suburbs. Its cost-of-living index, which is 121 above the national average, makes it one of the most affordable suburbs of Fort Worth. Argyle has a low crime rate, at 22%.

Two local school districts serve Argyle for K-12th-grade education: the Argyle Independent Schools District and the aforementioned Northwest International School District. U.S. News and World Report awarded Argyle ISD the silver ranking in the Best High Schools category. Both districts place a high value on teaching responsibility and personal accountability to their students in solving problems and following their academic interests. Harvest by Hillwood’s children can choose to attend either of these renowned school districts depending on their location.

You can go kayaking, visit the 407 Gun Club shooting range and tour the historic homes and museums of Denton County.

The Best Suburbs of Fort Worth, TX – Bottom Line

Fort Worth is an excellent place to live, with many safe and affordable neighborhoods. There is a neighborhood that will suit your needs, whether you’re moving to Fort Worth because of work or just for a change in scenery. Our team hopes this neighborhood guide will help you find the right neighborhood for you, while avoiding any undesirable areas. Our friendly and knowledgeable Realty Specialists can help you navigate the home-buying process.

Services Offered by Roofing Contractors

What are the Services Offered By Roofing Contractors?

Roof repair and roof replacement can be a daunting prospect, and in some cases, these can be costly endeavors. The first thing that you need to do is determine what caused your roof to fall apart in the first place, and once you have determined the cause of the problem, you can begin the process of repair and roof replacement. For instance, if you had water leak problems in your home, you can easily fix these problems yourself with the help of some household materials. In cases where the damage is caused by heavy rain or snow loads, however, you may need to get professional help. Either way, you should always try to hire a reputable roof contractor to handle the job, as there are many roofing contractors out there that will not do a good job as a homeowner.

New Roofing Systems

One of the most common types of roof contractor services includes the installation of a new roofing system. This can be done on any number of different types of roofs such as, single skin, double skin, metal roofing systems and the new wave of eco-friendly roofing systems such as the eco-friendly polyethylene or the mineral wool roofing systems. Depending on what type of roof you have, you may also want to consult with a roof contractor about whether or not they would be able to perform roof replacement work on your roof as well. Typically, a new roof installation only involves installing new shingles over an old roof or a complete roof replacement. There are certain roofing systems, however, which require roof replacement to repair the damage. Whether or not you want to get a call a roofing contractor may also depend on if you own a luxury home or not, or if you want other services provided, such as spray foam insulation, fireproofing, and mold removal.

Check References Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

When it comes to hiring roof contractor services in your area, it is always important for you to check their references. If you know anyone who has used their services recently, make sure that they are also satisfied with the work. Additionally, you may want to ask about the track record of the roofing contractor you are considering using. If they have a long track record and provide quality work, you can feel comfortable hiring them to take care of your roofing needs.

Find a Roofing Company That is Reliable

When choosing a roof contractor services company, you should also consider how long the company has been in business. A reliable roofing company should guarantee their work with a full 100% satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee is important because it shows that the company takes its job seriously. If a roofing contractor doesn’t guarantee their work, you should look for another provider because a bad warranty isn’t worth your money or your time. A good guarantee means they take good care of their customers and stand behind their work with a full and up front guarantee.

Research the Roofing Materials Available From Each Company

Another aspect to consider when you are hiring a roofing contractor is the type of roof that they would be installing on your commercial property. There are different types of roofing available in the market. It is important for you to know about these so that you can choose the most suitable one for your home. In fact, there are many companies that would be offering roofing contractors services at rates which are lower than the normal rates. Therefore, if you want to hire a professional roofer, it is highly recommended to browse through the website of different roofing companies and compare their service offers and prices.


These days, almost all major brands are offering roofing services at competitive prices. Apart from this, they have new and advanced technological innovations to offer. In fact, many roofing companies have incorporated the latest technologies in order to provide better and reliable services to people who own a townhome or a home. Moreover, you can also try online as there are many online roofing companies which are providing great roofing services at discounted prices.

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Top Advantages of Townhome Life

Many people ask this question as they consider the pros and cons of townhome life. People are always attracted by the amazing properties that condo life offers them. The property that one buys is usually located in a conveniently located place, thus making it easy for them to access all the amenities that they could use. Townhouses also provide a safe and secure environment to live in. So, what are the benefits of owning a townhome?

Advantages of Owning a Townhome

One of the advantages of owning a townhome is the lower down payments that one has to pay. Usually, it takes a minimum of five years to purchase a house. With a townhome, one can be assured that they will own their house for at least ten years, or more. You may have the option of in-house financing when buying your townhome, or you can simply work with the mortgage lender of your choice.

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Save Money Owning a Townhome

Owning a townhome also allows one to save money on property taxes. This is because of the exemption provided by the government on home valuation. There is also no need to pay municipal fees or income taxes on the property. There are also no legal fees that you have to shoulder when you buy a townhome. In some areas, there is even no property tax on condos.

Townhomes can provide Security

Another advantage of a townhome is that it provides you with security. Most condo buildings are gated communities where only the residents and their maintenance team have access to the inner workings of the building. They know who lives in the townhome units and they know how to get in and out. This reduces the risks of theft and vandalism. Furthermore, the cost of repairs and maintenance is also reduced because everything is monitored by professionals.

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Disadvantages of Owning a Townhouse

With all these advantages, it is easy to see why owning a townhome would be a good idea. Of course, it has its disadvantages as well. One of these is that the prices of townhomes can go up if the market turns down. However, this is something that is not likely to happen because the demand for townhomes is increasing and there are more townhomes being built every year.

greenville condos

Before Buying a Townhome do your Research

When you want to find out what are the benefits of owning a townhome, make sure to do your research. Check into all the perks and disadvantages to make sure that you are making the right decision. Do not be afraid to ask questions about townhouses for sale greenville sc and to walk away if you are not getting the answers that you need. Remember, when it comes to buying a townhome, the more you know the better off you will be!

Canadian Markets Show Positive Signs

Our neighbors to the north also have areas of hyper active real estate markets – both good and bad. Over the past few years as the US grows in political divisiveness, unrest is beginning to set in with respect to uncertainty in real estate verticals.

As we all know there are plenty of factors that play in to market fluctuations and trends including bubbles. In Canada there are currently three primary housing bubbles worthy of notice. Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria are currently neck deep in out of control housing bubbles making home ownership out of reach of many Canadians.

The median price for homes in Toronto are currently $875,000 while Vancouver sits around $993,300. Meanwhile in Victoria the median home price is $693,000.

An interesting biproduct of housing bubbles is their effect on other housing markets in other areas.

One area in particular is Calgary. With much of the focus on housing markets of the big three, markets like Calgary are benefiting. As median prices rising in areas like Vancouver & Victoria, homebuyers are forced to look to other areas where they can comfortably purchase and afford mortgages.

As of August 2019, the median price for single family dwellings in Calgary sits around $420,500. Which is considerably less than other metro cities across Canada while offering many of the same amenities.

Calgary as of 2019, has a populous of approximately 1.3 million which makes it Canada’s third largest city after Vancouver and Toronto.

So what’s the draw? Well where do we begin?

Did you know Calgary is infact the cleanest city in all of Canada? It’s true. Outdoor lovers are drawn here for the close vicinity of all sorts of outdoor adventure areas totaling almost 20000 acres of parks and outdoor areas. Also an interesting tidbit about Calgary is the fact it has 16 kms of overhead enclosed walkways connecting downtown businesses and buildings.

Calgary also offers a lower cost of living than many other metro Canadian cities and has the lowest sales tax.

That being said there are also some incredible areas surrounding Calgary to consider that are now amidst their own real estate boom.

Auburn Bay is a lakeside community(gated) that is widely considered the most popular for families while there’s also nearby Cranston, a master-planned residential community to the southeast of Calgary. In Cranston you’ll find everything anyone could want in the perfect neighborhood to raise your family.

So as you can see Calgary has a lot to offer while also saving you money in your homebuying experience.

Homes Are Selling To International Buyers Across the Area

The Internet transformed numerous facets of real estate however arguably by far the most affected was actually the ability for realtors selling international real estate, to contact a larger more diverse segment of real estate investor without having much difficulty.

Which is the case within any sector, when opportunity presents itself like it has in international real estate, it can’t go disregarded.

With figures like fifty percent growth in volume every single year and boasting an overall share of the actual real estate earnings of the U.S. at ten percent, the international home buyer is gradually becoming a factor to consider for any real estate agent trying to enter this sector valued at north of $150 billion in 2017. Which is as stated in NAR’s 2017 Profile of International Activity in USA Domestic Real Estate.

real estate international

Advertising courtesy of Galvan Real Estate

The most appealing component to dealing with international clients, from the realtor’s perspective, is transactions involving an international buyer have the tendency to return greater commissions. Best of all the reality that many international investors are well-off wealthy elites on the lookout for rewarding opportunities and also premium luxury 2nd or vacation properties including condos and townhomes.

Like many things, there are various things to take into consideration before merely thinking that you are going to target international real estate investors. It can be problematic and you are going to need some assistance.

According to Brett Elliott of Costa Rica Real Estate dot COM (CRREC), “Assuming anything will go smoothly in any international real estate transaction is a mistake. Expect the worst and plan accordingly.”

The most significant difference between working with the domestic populous as opposed to internationally, would be the language barrier. In spite of this many foreign clientele employ people to break down the language barrier when seriously deciding on investment in another country.

Of all countries actively partaking in the United States real estate marketplace, China really dominates and is accountable for over half the entire international sales volume in the US alone. All of this regardless of the many dissimilarities in culture, language and investing protocols.

So is there an even better strategy for realtors to position themselves for this huge, lucrative market?

CPROPs end-to-end digital exchange administration system is fashioned to present real estate agents to international prospects and help them to safely and transparently close deals.

Fundamentally it uses technology to simplify the sales process of agencies, from the start of a deal to closing. The following are a few different ways any real estate broker can be a part of this developing segment of the real estate industry.

Join up with a trustworthy international base

Now you should not go believing it will be simple to get in to the international real estate sector. Realtors looking at stepping into the market of catering to overseas buyers and sellers should certainly think creatively and research segments of the internet where these pocket forums may assemble.

Always remember also that considering your platform also offers automatic translations, this may also be a huge bonus.

Think confidence and stability

international real estate

Image thanks to CRREC

As the old saying goes, long distance relationships hardly ever last, still in this case they can and do you simply have to get ready particularly in the case of cross language communications.

That may be why agents seeking to develop their international dealflow need a platform to accomplish these transactions with trust and security elements already in.

Technology shifts at an incredible pace and lately blockchain technology has came into the mix and everlastingly changed how real estate agents conduct business on the net. Once a contract is concluded and executed, it can be saved to the blockchain, generating an immutable allotted ledger verified by a system of oftentimes thousands of computer systems, thus effectively eliminating any unnoticed changes to a contract.

Most likely one of the greatest elements to employing blockchain technology is for down payments and money held in escrow.

Obtain responsible, successful alliance

There is no denying the difficulties in closing even a national deal but when you begin interacting with international investors and sellers you’ll discover a laundry list of more hurdles you’ll have to traverse among them language barriers.

Have you any idea about your transactions standing in real-time, what’s left to complete and who should next take action?

All of this being said, wouldn’t you recognize that an all inclusive electronic transactions SaaS system built to satisfy international real estate transactions from start to finish, be a welcome addition to all realtors? Routine transparency simplifies communications, loosens realtor time and eases everyones mind.